The Benefits of Nature on our Health !

An increasing number of studies and campaigns have put forward evidence that a connection to nature makes us healthier and happier, which few nature lovers would discuss.

Intuitively, we know that nature is good for us as humans.

Who has never felt a deep sense of well-being and relaxation during a long walk in the forest, in the mountains or by the sea?

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The name found by scientists to describe the benefits of contact with nature:Vitamin G !

In recent years, scientists have been interested in the impact of nature on our health. One of the best-known studies demonstrated in a hospital, that patients with a view of the park from their room were recovering faster than others.

But contact with nature has many more positive impacts on our health!

Decrease in blood pressure, respiratory problems, stress but also improvement of immunity. The impact of nature and green spaces on our mental health and emotions is confirmed

The Benefits of the Natural Environment for Children !

Nature is very important for the development of children at all levels!

Contact with nature increases the child's creativity and ability to solve problems.

Indeed, it has been found that children participate in more creative games when they are in a green space. They also play in closer cooperation.

Nevertheless, children and families today often have limited opportunities to connect with the natural environment.

Nowadays, children spend more time watching television and playing video games than being physically active outside.

This change is leading to an epidemic of childhood obesity, as well as other serious threats to their health.

Yet studies show that children who have access to playgrounds where natural diversity is present, are physically more active. More aware of their nutrition, more respectful of each other and more creative.

The Benefits of Gardening for Seniors !

A place to relax, to be in touch with nature and to have a physical activity, the garden !

Indeed, gardening is a perfect activity to keep your spirits high. With its soothing aspect, the garden is the ideal place to take a break in the fresh air and enjoy the calm of nature.

In addition, since it requires daily maintenance, the other good part of gardening is that it allows continuing to have physical activity. There are in fact many more proven benefits of gardening.

Water the flowers, mow the lawn, trim the hedges, rake, bend and squat. Many activities that are good cardiovascular exercises and that help maintain the joints.

Many seniors institutions have understood this because they have set up therapeutic gardens. These gardens are notably more and more present in the institutions that welcome Alzheimer's patients. 

As they have soothing and stimulating virtues, as much on the emotional, sensory as aesthetic. The gardens allow seniors to keep in touch with the outdoors and get some fresh air.

A garden to develop is also a good project to stay motivated. Indeed, what's more rewarding than a beautiful garden or vegetable garden that bears fruit ?

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The Benefits of a Natural Diet !

Nutritionists, athletes, dieters and everyone who wants to be healthy recognise that the key to a healthy diet is simply to introduce natural things into our body.

Avoiding processed foods is a great way to improve our health. The healthiest foods can be picked directly from the ground or from a tree.

If the food you buy comes from a factory, there is a good chance that this snack is not very good for your health.

Eating a balanced diet of natural and whole foodsand avoiding processed foods is the secret to healthy eating !

Pesticides, enhancers, sweeteners, dyes, preservatives and other chemical food additives are known to increase the risk of cancer and degenerative diseases. The goal is to avoid them as much as possible.

The key to being healthy is a healthy and balanced diet and exercise, preferably in the open air.

In special situations, for groups of populations likely to have a nutritional deficit, for example in connection with aging, with restrictive or unbalanced diets (exclusion of certain foods), It is sometimes advisable to take dietary supplements.

If this is your case, my advice is to favor dietary supplements based on 100% natural super foods.


Being in contact with nature makes us healthier and happier. A simple 90-minute forest walk can do well for our mental health.

Studies show that children who play in contact with nature gain a lot of benefits, both for health and for their growth as adults. 

As for the elderly, to stay active and prevent a loss of autonomy, it is advisable to have a garden, vegetable garden, or simply walk in the nature several times a week.

All that seems logical, we all know it. But by living in cities, being always busy and distracted, we tend to forget that we are an integral part of nature.

To the point of destroying it as if we did not need it !

« Nature is not a place to visit. It is home »  - Gary Snyder