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How to succeed an indoor vegetable garden ?

jardin potager balcon

What better way to consume fresh and seasonal products than to grow your own vegetable garden ? But if like me, you live in an apartment and your dream is to move to the countryside. Today, with these tips to succeed an indoor vegetable garden it’s no longer necessary! What are the mistakes to avoid ? […]

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Why and How to Recycle Organic Waste?

compost matière organique

Organic waste represents 35% of the contents of our garbage cans, about 100 kg per inhabitant and per year! Recycling organic waste can reduce the contents of our trash and thus the volume of household waste to be treated by the community. Less waste to treat also means less CO2 from collecting, burning or storing waste. In short, it is […]

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The Benefits of Nature on our Health !

enfants roses

An increasing number of studies and campaigns have put forward evidence that a connection to nature makes us healthier and happier, which few nature lovers would discuss. Intuitively, we know that nature is good for us as humans. Who has never felt a deep sense of well-being and relaxation during a long walk in the forest, in the […]

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Bicarbonate of soda: The ecological powder that does it all !

bicarbonate de soude

I have to admit, until recently, I thought that bicarbonate of soda, also known as baking soda, was a chemical. I think maybe because of his name. So I was quite surprised when I learned that not at all. On the contrary, bicarbonate is a 100% natural product that is really used to do everything. We can even say […]

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