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Why and how to recycle electronic waste?

recycler ses déchets électroniques

In industrialised countries, electronic waste represents between 20 and 50 million tonnes of WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) per year. WEEE contains highly polluting materials for soils. As heavy metals, organic compounds whose combustion is carcinogenic and sometimes gases that can be extremely harmful to the environment. This waste is composed of polluting materials, but also […]

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Why Practice Yoga Outdoors ?

yoga extérieur plage

Yoga is a discipline originating from India. It mixes meditation and body exercises and has conquered the whole world. The practice of yoga is strongly linked to a way of life that promotes physical and mental well-being, both for oneself and for others. In this sense, yoga enthusiasts often have a strong ecological sensitivity. Who has never […]

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How to succeed an indoor vegetable garden ?

jardin potager balcon

What better way to consume fresh and seasonal products than to grow your own vegetable garden ? But if like me, you live in an apartment and your dream is to move to the countryside. Today, with these tips to succeed an indoor vegetable garden it’s no longer necessary! What are the mistakes to avoid ? […]

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Blockchain : What is its impact on the environment ?

blockchain table

Blockchain, crypto-currencies, nodes, ledgers, are just some of the most popular terms in the field of new technologies. Yet the meaning of these terms can often be unclear. Let’s try to understand them by answering some of the most common questions in this area. What is the blockchain ? How it works ? What are its […]

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Travel or Environment : Should we choose ?

The impact of tourism on the environment is undeniable, it represents according to a study published in the Nature Climate Change journal 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions! Quite frightening when we know that tourism is a growing industry and that in comparison the transport sector represents him, as a whole 14% of these emissions.  More travelers obviously […]

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Superfoods : Are they really « super » ?

Superfood is a marketing term used to describe foods with health benefits.  Superfoods are not new and have been around for centuries. Today, they are more popular than ever because they are natural foods with a very high nutritional value.  In fact, while 2 to 3 healthy proteins are found in most foods, some superfoods can contain […]

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Why and How to Recycle Organic Waste?

compost matière organique

Organic waste represents 35% of the contents of our garbage cans, about 100 kg per inhabitant and per year! Recycling organic waste can reduce the contents of our trash and thus the volume of household waste to be treated by the community. Less waste to treat also means less CO2 from collecting, burning or storing waste. In short, it is […]

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Greenwashing : What’s this ?


In parallel with public awareness of the environment and sustainable development, today more and more companies are communicating and orienting their marketing actions towards ecological positioning.This practice is called “greenwashing”. Its goal is to create an advantage by appearing as a “green” company responsible for the environment. In order to praise higher prices, have more […]

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Future trends in urban mobility


URBAN MOBILITY TODAYThe big cities of tomorrow are shaping today according to technical and technological possibilities, but also societal and environmental issues. Levels of pollution and traffic jams are irritations of everyday life in urban areas, and the situation could become much worse. It is estimated that by 2030, 60% of the world’s population will live […]

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