Eco-friendly pet food

At a time when we are asking ourselves more and more questions about our diet for ethical, health or even environmental reasons. What about our pets' food? 

We know that it is important to consume organic, local, seasonal and if possible vegan products. We also know the positive impact our choices can have on the planet.

However, do we really know what ingredients are in our dog's (or cat's) kibble? Also, are the ingredients in our pets food eco-friendly?

As a general rule, the kibble is made up of poultry and pork by-products. In other words, viscera, feet, legs, hooves, heads and carcasses. But also cereals, rice, wheat flour, animal fats, mineral salts, wheat gluten, soya oil, fish oil. As well as other ingredients depending on the brand or recipe.

In other words, ingredients that use precious natural resources of our planet for their production and which are not necessarily very good for their health.

Eco-friendly pet food: What is it ?

Above all, eco-friendly kibbles are natural foods that are produced in an environmentally friendly way. Indeed, the breeding of animals for our food consumption has harmful consequences on the planet: water consumption, deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions have a strong impact on the environment and are among the main causes of global warming.

In the same way as cereal production. An ingredient that is also very present in the classic kibbles of our pets and yet is not adapted to their digestive system.

eco-friendly pet food

What are the ingredients of the eco-friendly kibble ?

In order to reduce the ecological impact of meat consumption. Some companies, with the help of  veterinarians specialised in animal nutrition, have developed recipes based on insect proteins. 

The insects used are black soldier flies (Hermetia Illucens) bred in Holland. They are a source of quality protein and are rich in amino acids and fatty acids. They are traceable and avoid the presence of antibiotics and growth hormones in the insect-based flour used for the production of ecological kibbles.

The other main ingredients used in the production of eco-friendly kibbles are :

  • pectin
  • spirulina
  • essential fatty acids: omega 3 and omega 6
  • potatoes, peas and lentils
  • nutritional additives (90%): vitamins, minerals or amino acids
  • technological additives (10%): binders, antioxidants
  • animal protein hydrolysate
  • phosphorus

Can a dog be vegetarian ?

While the vegan trend is becoming more and more popular, some pet owners are questioning this way of feeding their pets. Our species can indeed be satisfied with a vegetarian diet without suffering major deficiencies, but what about the dog?

The dog is a carnivorous animal, but not a strict carnivore. This means that he will eat meat first, but also other foods (especially plants) that meet his dietary needs. An exclusively herbivorous diet is therefore likely to generate problems of maldigestion. With a lack of calories in the ration, and muscle wasting.

Insects, on the other hand, are an excellent source of protein. Indeed, they contain more protein than conventional meats.

Why would I feed my dog meatless kibble ?

Mainly because of the negative ecological impact of our food consumption on the planet. We should all reduce our consumption of meat, the same goes for our pets. Experts put forward figures close to 500 million dogs in the world. Pet food manufacturers estimate that 75 million of them live in Europe.

Secondly, despite the fact that dogs are carnivorous (opportunistic) animals, you only have to look at the labels on their classic kibbles to realise that the majority of them contain animal by-products as well as cereals.

Generally speaking, I want my dog to live a long and healthy life. And I know that insects are an excellent source of essential amino acids, much richer than plants. As such, they have a perfect place in the balance of carnivore rationsInsect-based recipes therefore perfectly respect the nutritional balance required for a long and healthy life.

eco-friendly kibble

Where to buy eco-friendly pet food ?

This type of kibble is sold in some pet shops. On the other hand, prices are often quite high in these shops.

So, I recommend to buy online instead. Just go to the Amazon website to discover dog kibble with insects at very interesting prices.