Hell, no! It is quite clear that taking a plane to the other side of the world is not an ecological act, we agree. Mass tourism and the many excesses it entails are in no way a good thing for our planet.

Reducing is very important and, unfortunately, we will all have to make sacrifices to prevent the planet from overcooking... So if you have the means to stop completely today, by any means, do it! It is an incredible commitment and one you can be proud of.

But putting pressure on people to instantly give up some of their lifestyle in order to have this "sustainable" label is neither helpful nor effective.

Travel, allowed me to open my eyes, on many problems related to, among others, plastic pollution, deforestation, the safeguarding of animals, subjects that decided me to take the plunge, and adopt a more responsible lifestyle.

So, if travel, allowed me to open my eyes, I can not criticize someone who takes the plane to fly to the other side of the world, because it may also be for him the necessary trigger to make a commitment to the planet.

As in life in general, it is now possible to travel in a "responsible" way, trying to limit as soon as possible travel by plane, stay in eco-resorts, make attractions that can finance the safeguarding of animals, tourism indeed often allows the locals to have a source of income and another vision on the importance of their fauna and flora.

In addition to these examples, there are also a whole bunch of "eco-friendly" products to help you travel by reducing your impact, and continue to set up, even on vacation, your "sustainable" lifestyle.

Everything is a question of small daily gestures!