Why shall we eat local and seasonal ?

As always, Nature thinks of everything. And we should trust her more. It has many benefits on our health, and of course it is also the case on our food!

In each season, fruits and vegetables that meet our nutritional needs. More nutrients in winter, to face the cold. In summer, fruits and vegetables light and waterlogged to hydrate our body.

Consumers have now understood this well, and according to a survey, 81% say they are careful to buy seasonal products.

Why is it important to eat seasonal foods ?

Seasonal foods are fresher, tastier and more nutritious than off-season foods. Even though we all love to eat strawberries all year round. The best time to eat them is when they can be purchased directly from a local grower shortly after harvest.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables grown on a local farm are often fresher because they do not need to be transported long distances.

In addition, unlike off-season products that are harvested too early to be shipped and distributed. When they are harvested at full maturity they also taste better and are full of flavor. Fruits and vegetables contain more nutrients when they are allowed to ripen naturally.

fraises de saison

Why is it important to consume locally ?

First, local food benefits the environment. Purchasing locally grown foods helps support local farms and maintain farmland and open spaces in your community.

Studies also found that direct-to-consumer producers were less likely to apply pesticides and herbicides.

Local producers can tell you how their food is grown. When you buy directly from farmers, you have the opportunity to ask them what practices they use to raise and harvest their crops. When you know where your food comes from and who has grown it, you know a lot more about your food.

Second, local food supports the local economy. In fact, the money you spend on local farmers and producers stays in the community and is reinvested in other local businesses.

In addition, locally grown, locally processed and locally distributed foods (eg local restaurants). Generate jobs and help stimulate the local economy.

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Eat local and seasonal to preserve the environment

Growing a product that is out of season encourages farmers to use chemical fertilizers to compensate for weather conditions. This has a very bad impact on the environment.

Also, when you buy a product that is not in season, it will necessarily come from far away. Imported products can travel thousands of kilometers. They emit millions of tons of greenhouse gases. You must know that a food imported by air requires 10 to 20 times more oil than a fruit produced locally!

fruit saison septembre

How to recognise seasonal products ?

It is not always easy to navigate the supermarket shelves. There are, indeed, all kinds of fruits and vegetables regardless of the time of year. To help you, you can find what fruits and vegetables are in season.

You can also trust companies like Abel&Cole. Very practical, for example when you live in the city, and it is difficult to get in the farmers.

You can indeed trust them to receive directly at home or at your work place. A box every week with the best seasonal fruits and vegetables.