Who I am ?

Aged 38, I lived for a long time like everyone else, metro-work-sleep, earn money to consume (most often buy useless things) to be fashionable and have a life like everybody.

I was looking at the news, about climate change, the animals being extinct and the damage caused by the plastic pollution, all that saddened me, but what could I do? The change the Planet needed was not just coming from my actions. So I continued to live my life.

But two years ago, I decided to change everything! To become the change that I would like to see society do, to make my own revolution!

I left my job, and I traveled for a few months, I moved to another country, where I live closer to nature. These trips and my move have helped me to open my eyes, to all that nature has wonderful, and that it is important to preserve it, even if only by small gestures.

That’s why I decided to create this site, while trying to become someone better, having the right attitudes for the planet, I want to try to make others want to do the same.

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