Ecology at the center of everything

Becoming greener is one thing we all know we should try to do in our daily lives, but this may seem like a daunting task for a beginner.

The purpose of this site is to provide information on green awareness. I would write about environmental awareness in a simple, clear and informative way, and I would give my opinion through a series of articles focused on the ever-changing world of sustainability.

Let's achieve this together!

Due to the rapidly deteriorating health of our planet, we are now more and more willing to act for positive change, but do not always knows how. 

The reality is that there are small habits we can adopt in our daily lives, and the transition is not as difficult as we think.

There is no need to be an environmental warrior or sacrifice all modern equipmentto help save the planet.

We are now in the midst of a change in the business world where many companies are taking a more environmentally friendly approach to making money. New and exciting companies have emerged.

So today, there is a whole series of new products, allowing us to consume differently, by consuming less, sustainably, and even by saving money!

Wanting to act can also mean wanting to eat differently, at a time when most of our food is illegible on labels, more and more people are looking to consume natural products, others are deciding to grow them themselves! 

Learning to live in a healthier way, at my own pace, while being realistic and committed, but not extremist, for a more reasoned consumption and respecting what surrounds me, that is the goal that I set myself.

Even if they are only small things, such as recycling or not wasting water, avoiding plastic, as well as contributing to a more respectful tourism, are all actions that can be important.