The benefits of buying sustainable products

mode durable

The mass use of non-sustainable products around the world is damaging the health of consumers while exerting heavy pressure on the environment. It is therefore urgent to intervene by rethinking consumer habits to ensure an effective transition to sustainable products. Indeed, non-sustainable products contain harmful chemical substances whose long-term use degrades people’s well-being. They are a […]

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Flygskam: What are the alternatives for travelling in Europe?

alternatives flygskam

The impact of tourism on the environment is undeniable, and according to a study published in the review, Nature Climate Change, it now represents 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions! This is why a new trend has recently emerged. This is the flight shame or flygskam (in Swedish) one, which means to feel guilty about flying […]

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Which Greenhouses Are Best for Gardening In the UK?

greenhouse in uk

Typically speaking, a good greenhouse will offer a variety of benefits to those who are looking to improve their gardening capacity. From the stability one can offer with a controlled environment, to providing individuals with a chance to grow a variety of plants that they wouldn’t be able to otherwise; there’s a lot that helps […]

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Why should you buy a bike?

gravel bike

The pandemic and the strict limitation of space on public transport play an important role in the renewed interest in cycling. The general enthusiasm for cycling has led to a tripling of bicycle sales in 2020. But Covid-19 has only accelerated the trend of recent years. The new cycle paths, the purchasing aids proposed by […]

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Why and how to recycle plastic waste?

ramasseur plastique social

Plastic waste is one of the main problems facing our generation. By 2030, global production of plastic waste could increase by 41% and the amount of plastic accumulated in the ocean could double. The cause, our pattern of consumption and a faulty system of plastic production, use and disposal in which no one is held […]

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Cycling trip in Europe

voyage à vélo bikepacking

A cycling trip is a human adventure accessible to all. It invites us to slow down and taste the freedom of nomadism. Moreover, is there a more ecological means of transportation than the bicycle? Travelling by bike is also above all the freedom to choose your itinerary, the freedom to take a nap in front of […]

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bunq the online bank that plants trees!

Bunq carte bancaire

I’m sure you’ve heard of the neobanks before. These are online banks that are transforming the banking sector with their simple but comprehensive offering that can be managed from a smartphone. Today I decided to tell you about bunq and more specifically about bunq Easy Green. This card promises to fight deforestation by planting trees […]

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Green web solutions for your business

internet écologique

Whatever your activity, a website can help you generate business and promote your brand awareness among your customers and prospects. Whether your business is small, large or mid-sized, well-established or new. Having a website is an essential investment to develop your company. HostPapa offers all the green web solutions a business needs to succeed online. […]

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How to filter water ?

gourde filtrante pliable humagreen

As a general rule, in so-called developed countries it is not necessary to filter tap water before drinking it. However, contrary to what many people think, drinkable water does not exist in its natural state. In the majority of cases, it must still undergo several treatments in order to comply with standards. This is why, […]

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How to create a green website ?

internet écologique

A website is known to be very energy-intensive and not very ecological, its electricity consumption is indeed among the main causes of digital pollution. According to a 2019 study, digital technology will account for nearly 3.8% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Typically, web hosters’ data centres have several thousand computers and high-powered servers that use CPUs […]

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