To make sure your diet has minimal impact on the planet, one of the easiest ways is to know exactly where the things you eat come from. Avoiding processed foods is a great way to improve your health while considering the planet.

The most environmentally friendly foods can be picked directly from the ground or from a tree. If the food you buy comes from a factory, there is a good chance that this snack contains a ton of hidden carbon.

Diets without carbohydrates, no fat and no taste are over. Nutritionists, athletes, dieters and everyone who wants to be healthy recognize that the key to a healthy diet is simply to introduce natural things into our body.

Healthy does not mean no carbohydrates or fat. Healthy also does not mean eating a diet rich in chemical supplements, to ensure that you are getting the right nutrients. Eating a balanced diet of natural and whole foods and avoiding processed foods is the secret of a healthy diet.

The information on the labels continues to grow: brand, logos, health claims, nutritional information, It is important to know which are purely marketing tools to push you to buy, and those that contain real information for your health.

Food supplements are mainly used to fill a gap, a deficiency or to supplement the diet. They can be in the form of capsules, tablets, pellets, ampoules of liquid or powder sachets. Some are natural, based on plants, fruits or microalgae. 

Others are produced by industrial and chemical synthesis. Superfoods such as acai, pomegranate, blueberry or spirulina can be used as food supplements thanks to the virtues they contain.

Natural dietary supplements are many and varied. You can use them for their beauty assets, for your health or even to improve your sports performance.