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Why and how to recycle plastic waste?

ramasseur plastique social

Plastic waste is one of the main problems facing our generation. By 2030, global production of plastic waste could increase by 41% and the amount of plastic accumulated in the ocean could double. The cause, our pattern of consumption and a faulty system of plastic production, use and disposal in which no one is held […]

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What is spirulina ?

bienfaits spiruline eau

Spirulina is an alga, which due to its success is now produced in a controlled way around the world, wherever the climate allows it. Low in calories, it contains a great richness of nutrients. This seaweed has many nutritional benefits, and can, in particular, help cover the need for vitamin B12.  It also offers less well […]

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Eco-friendly pet food

croquettes écologiques

At a time when we are asking ourselves more and more questions about our diet for ethical, health or even environmental reasons. What about our pets’ food?  We know that it is important to consume organic, local, seasonal and if possible vegan products. We also know the positive impact our choices can have on the planet. However, […]

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All you need to know about tap water quality!

qualité de l'eau du robinet

Tap water, sometimes called running water, is drinking water distributed directly to users. It is transported by a network of pipes from its collection point (source, borehole, river, etc.) to our taps. Its quality is regulated and subject to health controls. Most often, this water is made potable by a treatment and disinfection centre, then […]

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Why bring your lunch to the office (or elsewhere) ?

pourquoi apporter son repas au bureau

Today, for many of us, eating well at lunchtime has become a real challenge. We often lack time, options or money during our lunch breaks. Especially if we follow a special diet or if our workplace is far from everything. Our choices for varying pleasures are thus even more limited. So also the time available […]

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Why shall we eat local and seasonal ?

fraises de saison

As always, Nature thinks of everything. And we should trust her more. It has many benefits on our health, and of course it is also the case on our food!In each season, fruits and vegetables that meet our nutritional needs. More nutrients in winter, to face the cold. In summer, fruits and vegetables light and […]

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Superfoods : Are they really « super » ?

Superfood is a marketing term used to describe foods with health benefits.  Superfoods are not new and have been around for centuries. Today, they are more popular than ever because they are natural foods with a very high nutritional value.  In fact, while 2 to 3 healthy proteins are found in most foods, some superfoods can contain […]

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The Benefits of Nature on our Health !

enfants roses

An increasing number of studies and campaigns have put forward evidence that a connection to nature makes us healthier and happier, which few nature lovers would discuss. Intuitively, we know that nature is good for us as humans. Who has never felt a deep sense of well-being and relaxation during a long walk in the forest, in the […]

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Greenwashing : What’s this ?


In parallel with public awareness of the environment and sustainable development, today more and more companies are communicating and orienting their marketing actions towards ecological positioning.This practice is called “greenwashing”. Its goal is to create an advantage by appearing as a “green” company responsible for the environment. In order to praise higher prices, have more […]

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The best alternatives to plastic bottled water

We all know it now the excessive use of plastic has serious consequences on our health and the environment. Plastic water bottles are waste generators, each year, are sold and consumed about 80 billion bottles of water, and in Europe the average recycling rate of plastic packaging is only 40.9%, knowing that the plastic takes […]

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